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Astroturf in the home can make lawn maintenance easy, or even provide a great space for outdoor recreation. There are many different uses for astroturf.Is your lawn an eyesore? Do you get nasty looks from your neighbours after they’ve spotted your crusty brown grass?

Astroturf is the answer you’ve been looking for! Astroturf will give you a gorgeous green lawn, without all the hard work. But wait, there’s more!

Astroturf is incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways all over your house. Don’t believe us? To prove our point, we’ve put together a list of different uses for Astroturf around your home.

Here are some of the ways you can transform your home using Astroturf:

1. Children’s Play Areas

Kids will love an Astroturf floor in their playroom! The novelty of having a “grass lawn” indoors will thrill children of all ages. When kids rough and tumble, they can easily take a nasty fall on a hard floor, or get covered in carpet burn.

Astroturf provides a safe and soft floor for kids to safely play on. It is also hypo-allergenic, reducing sneezing and rashes.

2. Putting Greens

Do you want to practice the perfect putt at home? Use Astroturf to design a custom-made putting green.

Astroturf allows you to create a level, low-maintenance putting area that will stay green all year round. Your home Astroturf putting green can be custom designed into any shape or size you want!

With over 200 completed Astroturf sports fields, MultiTurf offers decades of experience and expertise. They will help you to create the golf-green of your dreams.

3. Dog Runs

We love our furry friends, but it is really difficult to keep your lawn looking good with dogs around. Dogs dig holes, run ruts into the lawn and create brown patches on the grass with their urine.

Installing Astroturf will solve all of these problems! Astroturf is incredibly durable, so your dogs won’t wear it down by running back and forth all day.

Astroturf is low-maintenance and much cleaner than grass and soil. Bugs, ticks, and fleas will have nowhere to hide, and muddy paws will be a thing of the past.

4. Indoor Gym Floor

Astroturf is a great addition to any home gym. It provides a non-slip surface for you to exercise on and prevents weights and other gym equipment from scuffing the floor.

Astroturf has a natural spring to it, especially when you install a rubber underlay. This acts as a shock absorber, reducing hard-impact injuries in the gym.

5. Mini cricket or football pitch

Are you tired of driving your kids to cricket or football practice? Why not build them a mini cricket or football pitch at home!

A home pitch will keep the kids busy for hours and will allow them to build their skills with extra practice. It will also save you from carting them back and forth to training sessions every day.

6. Rooftop Gardens

A rooftop garden is a great way to create a green oasis in the middle of the urban sprawl. Transform an ugly concrete roof into a lush green sanctuary.

Astroturf is the perfect material for a roof garden. It is lightweight, so it won’t put as much pressure on your roof joists as real grass would.

Astroturf is durable and weather-resistant so it won’t die in the frost or wilt in the heat. It also drains well and requires little maintenance.

7. Pool Surrounds

After a refreshing summer swim, there’s nothing worse than burning your feet on the hot concrete surrounding the pool. Concrete also becomes slippery and dangerous when wet.

Surround your pool with Astroturf instead. It provides an eco-friendly, non-slip surface and stays cool in the hot summer sun.

Who Knew There Were So Many Uses for Astroturf?

Astroturf is durable, good-looking, and easy to maintain. It should come as no surprise that people have found so many great ways to use this artificial grass.

Now the only question is, which of these wonderful Astroturf applications will you try first?

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