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Next-Level Hockey, Explore Our Cutting-Edge Artificial Hockey Turf

Hockey Turf.

World Class Standards: Step onto our artificial turf for hockey and experience the epitome of world-class standards. Crafted to meet the demands of top-tier play, our synthetic hockey turf sets a new benchmark for excellence. Every inch of the surface is meticulously designed to replicate the feel and performance of natural grass, offering impeccable ball control, consistent bounce, and a responsive playing experience.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology

South Africa’s largest artificial grass pitch with more than 1400m2 of new OVAL sports grass.

Jean, Head Sports Teacher at St Katharine’s, said, “The new turf has transformed our old tennis court area, with OVAL sports grass we can also play multiple sports on the new turf, such as hockey netball and tennis.


Design & Planning

We’re dedicated to turning your hockey pitch vision into a tangible reality. Our team of experts is not just skilled installers – we’re your partners in the design and planning journey, ensuring that every detail aligns with your goals for the perfect hockey pitch.

Our collaboration begins by listening to your aspirations and understanding your needs. We work seamlessly with experienced engineers and architects who possess specialized knowledge in sports grounds, ensuring that your hockey pitch design is expertly tailored for maximum performance and visual appeal.

We guide you through the intricate process of base buildup and product selection. We know that a great hockey pitch is built from the ground up, and we’re here to provide insights that optimize performance, safety, and durability. From the initial spark of an idea to the blueprint that defines your hockey pitch, we’re with you every step of the way.


A Commitment to Longevity

Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. Experience the longevity of your synthetic grass pitch through our comprehensive maintenance program. Scheduled biannually, professional maintenance teams restore your pitch to its pristine state, keeping it as good as new. With a pre-planned maintenance schedule tailored to your needs, you’re in control.

Precision Maintenance for Peak Performance:

Our specialists meticulously inspect seams, lines, and every inch of your pitch, addressing any issues immediately. Using our specialized maintenance machine, the pitch is simultaneously brushed and scrubbed, eliminating debris and ensuring consistent infill distribution. This process enhances playability, prevents compaction, and bolsters water permeability, all while deterring moss growth.

Elevating Play, Preserving Quality:

Our hockey turf systems mirror the excellence of natural surfaces, delivering optimal ball performance, player safety, and energy return.

Hockey Bottom

Popular Turf Options


Football XT 40mm
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Multi Oval Summer Green
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Multi Oval Olive Green
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TX dark green
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TX olive green
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