Our Multifunctional synthetic surfaces offer a new, innovative fast design that delivers maximum performance.
Sports Surfaces Multi-Sport

Multi-sport synthetic turf manufactured by Multiturf

Multiturf multi-sport synthetic turfs are widely used throughout the South Africa to give schools, community centres and sports clubs versatile, robust multi-sports grounds, bringing significant cost savings to education and community sports facilities everywhere.

  • The vivid hues and bright, clear markings of all-weather multi-purpose playgrounds and sports facilities encourage even reluctant children to play.
  • Synthetic turf remains non-slip even in rain – no more cuts and bruises caused by hard falls.
  • Multiturf multi-use turf grounds can include line markings for several sports, such as tennis, netball, hockey, and perhaps a running track.
  • Flexible netting is often used so that several different activities can take place on the multi-sport synthetic surface at the same time.

Multi-sport synthetic grasses for sport, play and recreation

There are three distinct multi-sport synthetic grass options for schools and tertiary providers that you can use in combination or independently:

  • Multi-sport turfs are excellent, versatile surfaces for many sports, such as tennis, netball, football, cricket and hockey. 
  • Multiturf longer pile multi-sport turf is used for synthetic turf sports fields that feel and perform like natural turf.  This all-weather surface is very popular for football, rugby, and football.
  • Multiturf landscape turf makes pleasant, low maintenance outdoor areas where students can meet to chat, or to study.






Featured Installations

  • Location: Durban
  • Team: WJPS
  • Sports: Multifunctional
  • Surface: Fieldturf 13mm -1560m2
  • Installed in: 2019
Anton Van Vouw school
Anton Van Vouw school
  • Location: Pretoria
  • Team: Anton Van Vouw
  • Sports: Multifunctional ,cricket and hockey
  • Surface: Oval sports 11mm
  • Installed in: 2017
Sunderland sports academy
Sunderland sports academy
  • Location: tanzania
  • Team: Sunderland sports academy
  • Sports: Football Multifunctional
  • Surface: Football 45mm, Oval
  • Installed in: 2016
st Katharines
st Katharines
  • Location: JHB
  • Team: st Katharines school
  • Sports: Tennis,hockey,netball
  • Surface: Oval sports
  • Installed in: 2016
Oxford sports
Oxford sports
  • Location: Durban
  • Team: Oxford fives
  • Sports: Basketball,multifunctional
  • Surface: Click system 200m2
  • Installed in: 2016
Felixton College
Felixton College
  • Location: KZN South Coast
  • Team: Felixton College
  • Sports: Netball ,Hockey
  • Surface: Oval 750m2
  • Installed in: 2015
Clifton School
Clifton School
  • Location: Nottingham road
  • Team: Clifton School
  • Sports: Hockey ,Cricket
  • Surface: Oval sports780m2
  • Installed in: 2016
Toti Prep
Toti Prep
  • Location: Amanzimtoti
  • Team: Toti prep
  • Sports: Hockey,Netball
  • Surface: Oval sports 1200m2
  • Installed in: 2016

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