How to Clean Artificial Grass: What You Need to Know

How hard can it really be to clean and maintain your artificial grass? Learn how to clean artificial grass and more of what you need to know here.

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The most effortless, convenient and hassle-free way to have the perfect lush lawn year-round is to get artificial grass.You don’t need to water, fertilize, upkeep or mow it and it’s much cheaper than its real alternative in the long term.The minimal maintenance required for synthetic grass is the main reason why more and more homeowners choose it to spruce up their outdoor space.You get a beautiful, fresh-looking lawn without having to worry about weeds, bald patches, and muddy pathways.

But even though having an artificial backyard will save you a lot of time and money, you’ll still need to clean it once in a while.So keep reading to discover the best ways to maintain your synthetic lawn and what to avoid.

Wash The Artificial Grass Lawn With Water Only

With fall approaching, rain will do a proper job of washing your lawn.

But if you live in drier regions, you’ll need to turn on the hose occasionally to wash away any debris, dirt or fallen leaves.

We recommend avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals for cleaning artificial grass. These can damage and break down the synthetic material.

It’s best to use water only, but you can also add some vinegar to remove bacteria.

Remove Pet Waste

If you have pets that spend time outside on the lawn, make sure you remove their droppings using a scooper or a plastic bag.

To keep the lawn fresh, consider installing a special kind of membrane between the base and the grass patches to let the air flow. Add a layer of turf deodorizer and you’ll have a pet-waste-proof lawn in no time.

You can also remove odor naturally, by treating the lawn with a mild, eco-friendly detergent or vinegar.

Apply Weed Killer

Although weeds don’t grow on synthetic grass, their seeds may hibernate in the top layers of the soil underneath.

They can poke through the patches and displace or distort the grass.

The solution is to install a grass mat impregnated with weed killer. Otherwise, you can apply a layer of weed-killing mat right underneath the turf or spray the entire lawn with long-lasting herbicide.

Maintaining Artificial Grass Lawns is Easy With Our Tips!

With proper and regular care, it’s easy to have the lushest, most beautiful artificial lawn in your neighborhood!

Do you need a new artificial turf surface installed or just want to freshen up the old one? Contact us today for more!

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