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Synthetic chipping and putting greens

With all the updates in the production process of Synthetic Turf ,this has allowed manufacturers to replicate the characteristics of natural grass. Multiturf offer variety of Synthetic Turf options. We are able to replicate the look, speed and feel of a PGA Golf green. With a synthetic turf green installation,we can control the speed of the ball roll by manipulating and applying an increased amount of sand within the fibers of the turf. By rolling the surface after this process,this will speed up the ball roll.

Multiturf specializes in the supply & installation of Synthetic Golf Greens. We offer turn-key solutions and designs which are incorporated into your current garden design.We will ensure that ensure the correct layerworks and drainage are constructed before our golf systems are installed and infilled. We supply golf products for homes,commercial shops and driving ranges including all netting supplies.

Featured Installations

The pearls of Umhlanga
The pearls of Umhlanga
  • Location: Umhlanga KZN
  • Team: The Pearls
  • Sports: Golf
  • Surface: Syn Multi 13mm /35mm syn premium
  • Installed in: 2021

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