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You’re not just building a field, you’re building a legacy. Your choice of system and supplier will have a major impact on the surface’s performance and long-term durability for years to come.

With over 7500 completed fields worldwide, MultiTurf has some of the most renowned systems — and our team of experts brings decades of experience in the turf industry to every installation.

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EasyField consists of turf panels which securely connect with a simple interlocking knob-system, allowing for a seamless look. Each panel has a dimension of 5.17 feet x 3.44 feet, and weighs 21 pounds for easy carrying, maneuvering and installation. It’s so easy; a crew can install a field in less than a day. No special equipment. No heavy lifting.

The innovative connectors have been tested through many removals, keeping their shape to give you a stable field at every installation.

Most importantly, the thick 45 millimeter compressed foam pad provides excellent long-term shock absorption. Your field meets all key industry requirements for performance including shock absorption, energy restitution and ball rebound. Whether you have curved corners or oddly shaped areas, it’s no problem. We can design your custom field to fit your surface perfectly.