Is Multiturf safe for my kids to play on?

Yes. Our range of grasses are lovely and soft and loved by kids and pets. The kids can continue to play ball games and dogs can roll and run-around without ruining the garden grass look and finish. All our products have been tested and passed as safe and lead free.

Why choose Multiturf

We have a friendly and experienced sales team to advise and assist you on choosing the correct product and we are developing a SA network of installers to ensure your project or garden is installed to the highest possible standard. Our accredited installers take time to make sure the ground preparation is correct, which gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.

How does Multiturf look so real and authenthic?

Multiturf invest heavily in product development to achieve a range of fake grass that looks and feels so natural that people cannot tell it is artificial. We have received hundreds of letters from satisfied customers that have had multiturf installed explaining that their neighbours, friends and relatives that have visited have not even realised they have a synthetic lawn!

We work with all the experts in our industry to provide up to date and world class yarns for production of synthetic grass

Maintenance for Multiturf?

We recommend using water and a stiff brush to clean shorter pile grasses. High pressure and hoses can also be used to remove leaves on longer pile grasses either use a blower, a light rake or brush.

To prevent weeds or moss forming, we recommend you use a watered down weed killer solution twice yearly on the whole of the lawn area.

For dog mess, remove the bulk of the mess and again use a water solution and brush the area if required. This ensures the smells are washed away

How long will my artificial grass from multiturf last?

It is estimated that your artificial will last 12-15 years through normal use. Our artificial grass range is fully UV stabilised and will not show signs of fading until approximately 12 years. All professionally installed lawns come with our genuine guarantee

Can I braai on my new lawn?

It is best to use a sand filled grass like RYE FOXTAIL for example as it has a good fire rating with our deep infill system. As a precaution, we would recommend placing the braai on top of slabs or bricks and avoid getting any hot surfaces too close to the turf.We also recommend placing the braai on a piece of off cut to protect the artificial turf.

Our installers will assist with this.

Is Multiturf cheaper than natural grass?

This depends on the size of the area?

Yes and no- they can be over a 5-10 year period. If you were to add up 10 years of watering, feeding, cost of two lawn mowers and (in many cases) the cost of re-turfing, an artificial turf installation can be a cheaper alternative. Also consider the time saved at the weekend and reduced costs of labour in your garden!