Back Garden

Multiturf can be installed over decking,paving ,asphalt or any other hard surface. Our installers will ensure the surface is prepared correctly before the artificial turf installation.

Transform your back garden now.It is amazing how much space becomes available when the surface is level, smooth and soft. Our Multiturf artificial grass system products are the perfect solution for a back garden ready for you to enjoy all year round with friends and family. Even the pets will appreciate the texture of a fake lawn… and share in the fun.

Back gardens are one of the most popular uses of artificial grass because they often get most of the footfall – kids playing games, parties, and pets running about. Having a reliable, low-maintenance artificial grass surface that always looks as good as grass, makes your back garden a little bit more special!

Transforming your garden with Artificial Grass otherwise known as Astroturf is a fantastic way to add value to your property. Artificial Grass really is a great way to clean up the back garden and create an idyllic living space.

Sub base preparation for artificial turf

Multiturf requires a solid ,stable and compacted sub base in order for the product to perform. Our agents and installation crew will ensure optimal base requirements are met before we lay the product.


Multiturf aims to provide a lovely naturally green and safe surface that encourages the kids to spend a great deal more time in the garden keeping them healthier and happier as a result. As part of our artificial lawn system we offer shockpad underlay which is placed under our Multiturf and this brings a 1.3m Critical fall height protection for the young children… We here at Multiturf love the idea that we are protecting children from injury and always recommend to shockpad to keep the “little ones” protected.

So if you’re thinking about the best way to keep your kids safe, clean and happy – so they can run around outside at any time of year – then look no further than South Africa premier artificial grass company.


Finally you can have lush around your pool without the worry of getting dirty again after a swim when sitting outside in the sunshine. The Multiturf artificial grass even acts as a slip proof surface even when wet while maintaining a soft and comfortable texture on the feet. If the kids run around the edge and fall, if they land on the synthetic grass it’s a lot softer than landing on the concrete