Zimbali Estate

The ZEMA Playground area in Zimbali now has a stylish and sophisticated playground for its customers to utalize, after refurbing the existing grass area.

Ravesh, manager of the ZEMA at Zimbali, decided to give the dull and tired dust area a Multiturf makeover. He said:

“Throughout the summer months we get on average 2,000 customers a week, so Multiturf proved the best option to have because of its durability. We also wanted something low maintenance which looked great all year round and Multiturf did just the trick.

“I’m delighted with the transformation; it has certainly brightened up this bit of space and it’ll be extremely popular with customers in the months ahead.”

Multiturf top selling ‘Augusta green’ was used throughout the installation. The vibrant green tones and lush texture of the product and the two-tone dense brown yarn provide a natural looking surface.

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