How to Maintain and Protect Artificial Grass For Dogs

Artificial grass is an excellent feature to incorporate into you yard. But how do you maintain and protect artificial grass for dogs? Find out here.

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Artificial grass is growing in popularity all over the world. It’s easy to care for, environmentally friendly, and it looks great. But pet owners wonder: Is fake grass the right grass for dogs?

Your pup probably loves to roll, play and- let’s be frank- do his business in your yard. You might be concerned that these basic bodily functions might end up damaging your lovely green oasis.

There’s no reason to worry! In fact, one of the main reasons people choose artificial grass is that it is the best kind of grass for dogs and dog owners.

Here are five reasons why artificial turf is the best choice for dog owners.

1. Artificial Grass is Easy to Clean

Dog owners love artificial grass in their yards because it is so easy to keep clean.

Instead of picking up poop and hoping you got it all, the way you used to do when your dog pooped on your natural grass, now you can keep your artificial lawns much cleaner by using brushes and cleaning products directly on the turf.

There are many specially made turf rakes and turf groomers designed to help you remove waste from your fake lawn efficiently.

There are even measures that installers can use while putting in your artificial grass, such as adding turf deodorizers. These techniques will ensure that your lawn stays clean and smells fresh.

The added convenience and effectiveness of cleaning an artificial lawn ensures that you, your family and your pet will have less exposure to the bacteria and germs that often accompany dog waste when it is deposited in natural grass.

2. Artificial Grass is the Healthiest Grass For Dogs

Artificial turf is also preferred by many dog owners because it actually can keep pups healthier.

Without the standing water that accumulates in natural yards, your property is less likely to attract ticks, fleas and other pests which can harm your dog’s health.

Even your dog’s own waste will be more effectively drained from an artificial lawn. This removes the potential for bacteria to linger and multiply, causing health problems for both canine and human residents.

3. Dogs Can’t Dig Up Artificial Grass

Another advantage to artificial turf is that it’s stronger than natural grass. That helps to hinder dogs from their common habit of digging.

Many dogs like to bury their treats in the backyard to enjoy later or chase other animals like rabbits or chipmunks who live underground. Their digging can leave unsightly piles of dirt in your yard. These holes are not only unattractive but could also present a trip hazard.

Artificial grass makes it significantly more difficult for your dog to dig, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and safe landscape for your home. As a added bonus, backyard pests like moles will also be unable to tunnel underground and make their homes in your garden.

4. Artificial Grass is Better for the Environment

Another reason artificial lawns provide the better grass for dogs is the same reason they are better for all of us: They are environmentally friendly.

Natural lawns require a huge amount of water regularly to maintain their lush appearance. Fake grass, on the other hand, needs far less watering, thus conserving the environment’s resources.

Artificial lawns do need to be rinsed off, especially if you have a dog, but the amount of water you will use to keep your grass looking nice is far less than the amount you use for real grass.

5. Artificial Grass Saves Money and Time

You will save money if you choose an artificial lawn, due to the reduced amount of upkeep required.

You will also have more time on your hands, as you will no longer need to devote part of your precious weekend to mowing and yard work.

Use that time and money you save with your artificial lawn to take your dog for a walk and buy him a tasty biscuit. Both of you will enjoy the leisure time you now have, without the demands of real grass to attend to in your spare time.

Artificial Grass: Better For Dogs and Families

If you want to have a beautiful yard that’s healthier, cleaner and cheaper to maintain, check out our options available for artificial grass.
You and your family, including your dog, will all be pleased with the results!Want to learn more about this product? Feel free to contact us today with any questions!

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