5 Reasons Your Yard Needs an Artificial Putting Green

Do you want a putting green in your backyard? Play golf at any time with an artificial putting green. Click here for the top 5 reasons to get one for your yard.

If you eat, sleep, and dream golf then why not install an artificial putting green in your backyard?

Even if you’re not a golf fanatic, you have to admit there’s something special about a perfectly manicured green. The brilliant color and the precision surface blend together to create a thing of beauty.

Not convinced yet?

Well, here’s 5 reasons why your backyard needs an artificial putting green as soon as possible.

1. An Artificial Putting Green Is Just Like the Real Thing

Synthetic turf production has come a long way in a short time. We’re now able to replicate the unique characteristics of natural grass.

That’s right, we can install greens that look and feel like they came right out of a PGA course.

For example, ball speed can be slowed in one area by manipulating the amount of sand in the turf fibers. Another area can be rolled to speed the ball up.

Your practice will make perfect when you hit the course for real.

2. You Love Golf but Hate Your Short Game

In the game of golf, the short game separates the men from the boys. Tiger’s ability to get up and down saved him when his driver failed him.

Wouldn’t it be great to roll out of bed, head out the back door and get some putts in before breakfast?

That’s the best thing about an artificial green. Any time is practice time.

Work on your chipping before dark. Get rid of “the yips” before you shower. Dial in those tough lag putts on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Warm up before your traditional Saturday foursome.

Customize your green for the putts you struggle with most.

And with an artificial green, conditions are always ideal.

3. Artificial is Better

We’ve already talked about how synthetic turf technology is making “PGA-like” artificial putting greens a reality.

That’s only scratching the surface of why artificial greens are superior to natural ones.

How about greater design flexibility and increased durability? Drainage is superior on an artificial green. Putt to your heart’s content, even after a big rain storm.

And then there’s maintenance. No watering, no fertilizing or weed killing, and no worries. Sweep the debris off, grab your putter and go.

4. The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Hard day at work?

Nothing like playing 9 holes as the sun is setting. Greens fees will catch up with you, though.

Wouldn’t you rather come home, grab a cold beverage and head out to your own putting green?

Studies show looking at beautiful landscapes lowers cortisol, a neurotransmitter associated with stress. What’s more beautiful than a custom-designed putting green in your backyard?

That’s good for you and the whole family.

5. A World-Class Backyard Hangout

What else is good for the whole family?

Getting everyone out on your putting green for some family fun. After all, families don’t spend nearly as much time together as they used to.

Teach your kids the game and proper etiquette on the greens. Or how about some friendly competition with the Missus?

Invite the neighbors over and call it a party. They shouldn’t have to settle for staring at your green in envy.

Guys night out?

Instead, invite the boys over to have some drinks and sink some putts.

You Know You Want One

Easy to maintain, customizable, fun for the family, and a beautiful sight to behold. This might be the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

Multiturf has installed 100+ synthetic pitches and artificial putting greens are our specialty. Experience the Multiturf WOW Factor! Give us a call.

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